1/2 Ton Geared 2 Hook Ratcheting Come-A-Long


The Neiko 1 1/2 Ton Power Puller is a refinement of the everyday come-along. It has similar parts to the everyday device, two latching hooks, a drum to hold the cable, a handle and ratcheting gears.

However the action is different so you can wind the cable in by turning the handle clockwise, then flip a toggle and unwind the cable by turning the handle counterclockwise. You can rotate the handle around and around to continue winding in cable or letting it out. This speeds up one of the most time consuming issues with traditional come-a-longs, namely taking up slack before the real lifting starts, and unreeling the cable to get a new grip after the cable has all been taken up.

This strikes me as a come-along for the shop, not the one you can expect to work after you've dropped it in the dirt. The gears and their teeth are much smaller than those in a traditional come-along and one is recessed, which makes it less likely you'll get your fingers or shirt in the works but this probably increases the potential problem of getting foreign material in the gears, which could make it impossible to get an adequate purchase by the tooth on the handle or the dog that holds the drum while the handle is reset.

The cable is a substantial 1/4". With the device set up as received, employing the cable doubled over a pulley to double the mechanical advantage, the travel from fully extended to completely wound in was 37 1/2 inches, so this is not the machine for pulling something over a long distance.

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  • Model: 02238A
  • Shipping Weight: 11lbs
  • Manufactured by: Neiko

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